New Tritium Leaks Confirmed

New Tritium Leaks Confirmed

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Power provider Exelon today confirmed new tritium leaks at two of its nuclear plants.

Tritium’s a low-level radioactive waste produced while making nuclear power.

This week, Exelon detected a leak at the Dresden plant near Morris, Ill. It also found one at the Byron plant near Rockford.

Company spokesman Craig Nesbitt says Exelon is looking into what went wrong.

""What we need to do at this point is do a systematic approach to the entire fleet, and look at everything that handles tritium, gain a full understanding of these systems, the health, the intergrity of these systems, to make sure that they are to the standard that we expect them to be at.""

Today’s news follows revelations that Exelon’s Braidwood Power Plant released tritium several times over the past decade.

Nearby residents weren’t informed of those spills until late last year.

The Braidwood spills tainted one private water well in Will County.

Health officials say there’s no immediate public health threat from the contamination.“