Making Reparations Work in America

Making Reparations Work in America

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Making Reparations Work in America

2020 candidates are speaking up about reparations. But this debate goes far beyond being a political talking point.

Congressional Failure to Approve Puerto Rico Recovery Aid Reflects Long History of Bipartisan Neglect

Puerto Rico’s government recently had to cut food stamp benefits, adding further insecurity to an already vulnerable population.

McConnell Moves To Limit Debates Over Judges To Two Hours

Mitch McConnell’s latest push to fill the courts with young conservative judges involves a rule change that would limit floor debate over nominations to two hours total.

Lori Lightfoot Voted in as Chicago’s First African American Woman Mayor

On Tuesday, Chicago became the largest U.S. city to elect an African American woman as mayor. Now, all eyes are on how Lori Lightfoot will address issues from gun violence to policing.

Lesley McSpadden, Michael Brown’s Mother, Loses Ferguson City Council Race

The election of Fran Griffin means that the city council now has an even split between black and white representatives for a majority black city that’s rife with racial tension.


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