Jewish Groups Reflect on Sharon’s Legacy

Jewish Groups Reflect on Sharon’s Legacy

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Jewish groups throughout Chicago are reacting to the news of a major shake-up in Israeli politics.

The Israeli government has officially declared Prime Minister Ariel Sharon unfit for office. Sharon remains in a coma after suffering a stroke in January.

It marks the end of a controversial political career, including five years as prime minister.

To Jay Tcath of the Jewish Federation of Chicago, Sharon’s immediate legacy is the creation of the new, centrist political party called Kadima.

“While in American politics we have often had a third party enter the fray, those third parties are more often spoilers rather than real power brokers. In Israel’s case, this is the first time a new party has become a governing party.”

Tcath says Jews in Chicago are following the rise of Kadima closely.

That’s because the party hopes to balance security and negotiation in its dealings with the Palestinians.