Gaming Industry Opposes Proposal

Gaming Industry Opposes Proposal

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The gaming industry is opposing a measure that would prevent gambling addicts from entering Illinois casinos.

The Illinois Gaming Board may make casinos check visitors’ drivers licenses.

Industry representatives say that plan would cut into their business.

Pat Mitchell manages the Hollywood Casino in Aurora.

""I think the number one thing for a lot of people out there is, is someone getting my information or could somebody get my information. And we’re very concerned with how they’ll view it. We’re not going to use it for anything, but I think all of us are a little concerned,"" Mitchell says.

The state already keeps a list of problem gamblers who are not supposed to enter casinos.

But since visitor ID’s aren’t compared to that list, some people sneak in anyway.

Gambling opponents are pushing for the measure. They point out hundreds of problem gamblers have already been caught in casinos. And they say the industry can afford to automate its system to check ID’s.

More than 3,500 gamblers have voluntarily put their names on that list.