Chicagoan At White House For Papal Visit

Chicagoan At White House For Papal Visit

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Pope Benedict continued his U-S visit today. Several prominent Chicago Catholics joined him on the White House lawn this morning. Chicago Public Radio’s Shawn Allee spoke with one of them.

Reverend Michael Boland heads Chicago’s chapter of Catholic Charities. Boland says he’d seen Pope Benedict before … but to see the Pope alongside President Bush … that was something else.

BOLAND: I think it was America at its best, it was beautiful with the backdrop of the White House. Just the Marine band playing patriotic music all the time … very touching. Both the President’s and the Pope’s were really wonderful.

ALLEE: What did the Pope bring up in his remarks?

BOLAND: Well, the pope, you know, talked about that he came as a friend to the United States. He’s always had high regard for America.

ALLEE: Isn’t it the Pope’s birthday?

BOLAND: It is. They sang to him once before and once after. It was really nice, it was kind of very festive.

Reverend Boland will attend an open-air mass with Pope Benedict in the capital tomorrow morning.